Industry Diploma in Management

  • Instructor: admin
  • Duration: 8 days

This Professional Diploma Programme is designed and delivered by the Center for Logistics Leadership in Business (CLLB) to equip individuals involved in the transportation industry with Professional Qualifications in Specializing in Road Freight Transportation.

This Diploma programme is designed ti professionalize ‘Truck Drivers’ and to equip them with the necessary knowledge , skills, capabilities and understanding of the road transportation function. This program is tailored for individuals aspiring to enter the occupation of a commercial vehicle operator.

Participants will gain knowledge and understanding across a range of subject areas:
• Key Logistics Functions % the 5 Rss’ of Logistics
• Trucks and Cargo Transport Units
• Freight, fares, Cost and Prices
• Vehicle Inspection Procedures
• Classification of dangerous Goods and Properties

Upon successful completion of the programme , participants will be awarded the Industry Diploma in Management ( Road Freight Transportation) by Genovasi University College in collaboration with the Center for Logistics in Business (CLLB)

This qualification also provides a pathway for further study and you may be eligible to apply for up to a full year of Credit towards a relevant university business degree.

After completing this programme, students will understand areas relating to the operational and management aspects of road freight transportation:
• Explain characteristics and features of road transport
• Explain types of vehicles and the maintenance need
• How to implement and manage drivers safety behavior
• Classify Dangerous goods and properties
• Level 4 Industry Diploma

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