Migrate to Australia

Australia is ranked #2 in the world for quality of life according to a UN report and the country welcomes approximately 200,000 new immigrants every year. Education in Australia is one of the best in the world.

Australia has an outstanding health care system which is publicly funded and mostly free. Skilled immigrants have a better chance of finding a job in Australia due to a worker shortage and an ageing workforce. We provide Visa and Migration services for current and prospective students as well as corresponding student services.

We can:

  • Assist students in securing admission to Australian Universities and colleges and also GUC.
  • Education consulting services
  • Guidance and Counselling on Education needs
  • Offering RPL courses as pathway to exemption of University study durations
  • Migration consultancy services and assisting prospective candidates for Migration based on credentials.

We also provide migration services and assist and guide other candidates who are eligible for migration. Our Australian office is located in Sydney and also in Melbourne.