How we can help you

We are committed to the use of the proven Action Learning Mode of training & education that ensures sustainable employability and entrepreneurship wherever you may be. We have a growing number of Associate Learning Centres in Sri Lanka, India, Dubai, Maldives and Australiaand they are all moderated by the IIM Australia and TAI Lawyers & Education. High Training and Academic Quality Control is assured. And, we guide you till you pass at no extra cost.

All our courses are embedded with Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Our graduates would inevitable gain the vital Soft Skills Sets including English Language Proficiency, Communication, Social, Critical Thinking, Creative and Problem Solving. These get you the jobs you want!

Our Facilitators are not only suitable qualified but highly professionally and commercially experienced to guide you the practical journey of Skills and Knowledge. They use the continuous assessment method to immerse you in case studies, role plays, coursework, assignments, projects, debates and trouble shooting, all making studying with us most enjoyable and an unforgettable experience. They make you powerful Creative Problem Solvers. You will become Effective & Efficient Managers.

Landing on good paying and meaningful jobs and projects would be easy and convenient, locally & overseas.


School Leavers can join our Foundation Courses and gain our Industrial Bachelor in 3 years, those with ‘A’ levels can do it in a shorter time.

Anyone with minimum 3 years of Supervisory / Managerial / Business / Practitioner experience and can show proofs, can gain our Industrial Diploma in 3 months through the Recognition of Prior Learning.

Our RPL Program

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Do you have skills, experience and knowledge but no recognized qualification?
Take advantage of our RPL and workplace assessment program offered for the first time in the UAE. We offer an RPL and workplace  assessment services for a large number of disciplines in a variety of fields and occupations that include almost all construction, hospitality, logistics, Legal, Project Risk Management etc. and many other trades, we have 43 RPLs designed for various disciplines.

We can help you save time and money as you do not need to attend classes and complete assessment tasks to gain a qualification in a field you have work experience in. For middle managers this helps to improve prospects of promotions and salary increments.

Our Assessors will analyze your skills through your CV, work references and job tasks which you have performed in your working career and match them with competencies required to gain an Australia wide recognized, accredited qualification you desire.

We can arrange RPL and workplace assessment here in Dubai. This is the first time this program is being offered in the UAE. This RPL is equivalent to a level 4 Diploma  and is awarded by the GUC and endorsed by the Minstry of Human Resources Malaysia. Graduates with a Level 4 Diploma can proceed with our Executive Bachelors program with GUC Malaysia.

The Senate of the University has also approved the offering of Professional Degrees mainly for working adults. These professional degrees range from Certificate to Masters level. Both these programs are good opportunities for those without relevant qualification who aspire to migrate to countries like Australia, Canada, Malaysia etc.

Affiliated Programs

In collaboration with DHS Institute of Technology which is a private college that specializes in allied healthcare programs. We are able to offer through GUC, the degree program in healthcare and this program is able to provide training as the college has a 50 bed hospital which is used as a teaching hospital.

Enhance your chances with certification on Key Skill which is high in demand for:

  • Elderly Care
  • Care for Special Needs
  • Child Care Management

With a different form of Career Path and support of our Global Network of Universities and Higher Educational Institutes…
…you are in Safe hands with us via our GUC innovative educational concept.
…you will be able to change your life and be ready to change the world in this new concept of Opportunities

This is the future of education, GUC innovative education offers the fastest and smartest way to achieve your goals.

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